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Hey everyone! Let me introduce myself first. I’m Lindsey and I’m the proud new owner of John Krasinski Web. I’ve been a fan of John ever since “The Office” and I’m so happy our host Gertie gave me the opportunity to take over this site. You might know me from my other sites such as Rachel McAdams Online, Ryan Gosling Fan and Bradley Cooper Source.

As you may have noticed I already changed a few things. We have a new (temporary) layout and our gallery has a matching theme. Many thanks to Ray for the theme bases. We also changed our gallery URL from /copppermine to /gallery so be sure to change your bookmarks.

I’m working behind the scenes at the moment to get the site back up-to-date and organized again. I already tried to catch up with some news in my previous posts so be sure to check them out! I’m going to try and get access to our old twitter account, but I made a new one so you can get instant updates on John. Be sure to follow us @jkrasinskiweb! Keep checking back for missing updates, we have over 6 months of updates to catch up on, and stay tuned for the first “The Office” update!

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Digital Copy / Donation

We want The Thank You Book to be as amazing as possible, so we are having it professionally printed and bound. We are paying for it out of our own pockets, and as it has turned out to be more successful that we ever imagined, it's also going to be much more expensive than we anticipated!

To help offset these printing costs we would like to request small donations, that will also act as a prepayment for the purchase of a digital copy of the book. Once the book is completed (likely the end of the December or early January), we will email you your very own copy! The digital copy will be PDF format, and likely around 250 pages. It will be an exact digital copy of the printed book that we will be taking to The Office set in February.

We're offering a set donation price of $6, or an option to select your own donation value.

If you are willing to donate more to help us with the printing costs, we would be very grateful. Alternately, we understand the current economy, so if you're only able to donate a couple dollars, we can certainly appreciate that. We will provide the digital copy, regardless of the amount you are able to send.

A small percentage of the donation will be taken by PayPal for use of their service. If we exceed the funding amount needed to print The Thank You Book, the excess money will be put towards The Group Thank You.

To donate an alternate amount, please CLICK HERE.

  Thank you for your support of The Office Thank You      Project and The Thank You Book!

  If you have any questions, please email

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Simply Jenna Fischer
Angela Kinsey Fans
John Krasinski Web
Life In The Office
More Than That
Nettes Layouts
Office Quotes


The Project is comprised of two parts: The Grand Gesture and The Personal Post.

The Grand Gesture

In May 2013, during the week of The Office series finale (Date TBD), we will be publishing an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter to thank cast and crew of NBC’s The Office for their nine years of dedication to this phenomenal television series.

The “Thank You” will be on behalf of The Office fans from around the world.

The sites listed above have joined together for this project, and are looking for the support of fans everywhere to make it happen. We are aiming to raise $4590 to place a full page ad in the publication. The Hollywood Reporter has been gracious enough to give us a significant discount, with the actual ad space being worth much more than this.

If we are not able to raise the appropriate funds, or should we raise any excess funds, the collected or exceeded amount will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, a charity that The Office cast has supported for several years. Thank you to Jenna Fischer for providing us with this charity suggestion.

As a bonus, Simply Jenna Fischer will be hosting monthly The Office themed giveaways. Anyone who donates to “The Office Thank You Project” within a calendar month will be automatically entered into a drawing for a prize pack. There are 7 prize packs available, one for each month leading up to the April 30th deadline. If you donate once a month from October to April, you will be eligible for each and every giveaway!

The money will be collected by Simply Jenna Fischer, through PayPal Business. Every donor will receive a receipt from PayPal upon payment. A portion of the funds donated will be kept by PayPal for use of their service. The remaining funds will then go directly to The Hollywood Reporter and Make A Wish Foundation.

The Personal Post

For nine seasons NBC’s hit comedy series The Office has imprinted itself on our hearts, minds, and daily lives. How has this show influenced your life or the world around you?
How many of you exclaimed “That’s what she said!” today?

How many of you didn’t select the green sweater yesterday for fear you’d look a bit too whorish?

How many of you have met a friend or two online through this fantastic fandom?

If The Office has impacted your life in any way, shape, or form, we would love to invite you to join in on The Office Thank You Project! The Personal Post is your chance to say “Thank You” to The Office in your own way. Submit a story or anecdote, quote, graphic, photograph, video, audio, anything that symbolizes your thanks to this wonderful show!

Give a simple explanation of what you are sharing, and try to start it with something like:

“Thank You, The Office, for…”

We’ve even done up a Submission Example page for anyone who isn’t quite sure where to start!

You can send in your “Thank You” submissions through our simple Submission Form, or Submit via Email.

We are so thrilled to be a part of this project, and cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!

Though The Office Thank You Project officially doesn't officially start up until this Monday, October 1st, we've decided to put the information now. Any donations received this weekend will go towards the October prize draw.

Click the image below to visit the site!

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I forgot to post that I’m away on vacation until the end of July. All pictures will be updated when I return :)

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Apologies for not having updated the website in a while, it’s been a crazy few weeks. But, we’re back. The only issue now, is that we’re having problems uploading images to the gallery. We’re working on fixing this ASAP. So keep checking back for updates. Until then, I’ll be posting NEW pictures to our tumblr page.

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As a result of the growing popularity of blog profiles, the social networking site Tumblr has emerged as a particular hub for many fandoms, one of which being John and The Office. Now we want in on the action!

The new JKrasWeb profile will post content exclusive to just Tumblr that you won’t see here, but it also allows for followers and fellow fans to get involved. To offer a more interactive online experience for John Krasinski fans, we intend to avidly scour the blogs for the best edits of John for reblogs. As well as this, we will be setting up regular mini-contests in which we will post a picture of John for you all to edit and interpret however you like, looking for the best edit to then share with the other fans.

The Tumblr profile will be a more informal page, allowing the creative juices of the wonderful John fans to truly flow. Click here for a link through to the page!

This will in no way effect how we update the gallery; you willstill find all new pictures right here on the site.

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We’ve just finished adding the final touches to our brand new FORUM. Go sign up and get chatting!!!

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Hey guys. Thanks for letting us know what you think of the new layout, feedback is always appreciated. We’re aware that you can’t see John at the top of the screen like you can in the previews; we’re working on correcting that right now. It’ll be working properly in a few days. But thanks again to everyone who let us know they couldn’t see it.

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