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with Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Harold Ramis (director)


by Ellie

Jenna: Okay, John, all you have to say is “Don’t cross the beams…”

John: Oh, my God… for the last time, this is NOT Ghostbusters!


by Joanna 

John: Why can’t you just let Pam and I be a couple for 


by Jen

John: Lookit, I know you’re new at this but let’s just leave 
this to the pros.


by Ginger

Damn Breathe-right strips are ruining the mood.


by Jezebel

I should not have had seconds before. Uggh, my stomach…


by Keighley

John: phew! Har, youre B.O. is giving me a baad headache.

Harold: I can’t help it. I’ve got a disease.

Jenna: Be nice, John. I’m sitting and bearing the downwind.


by Vince

Harold: C’mon, it worked in Animal House …

John: I’m not “zitting” Dwight.


by Grace

Jenna: J-O-H-N! what’s that spell? JOHN!

John: I don’t think i’ll ever get this cheerleading thing down


by Jillian

John: Look, Harold, I know you work long hours, but I think 
it’s about time you took a shower!

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